Remember the dead, but fight for the living.

Y'Sterrh Merlwyn, the Warrior of Light and Darkness; the Forgotten Envy; the Fourteenth and Only.


⸻ basic info!

  Age   29
  Gender   Male (he/him)
  Orientation   Bisexual biromantic
  Race   Miqo'ra
  Clan   Seeker of Sun/Xaela
  Deity   Althyuk
  Residence   Mist
  Main job   Warrior
  Secondary job   Red Mage

  Hobbies   Crafting - mainly weaving and carpentry: he uses them to push the limits of what seems possible for the house renovations and redecorations, as well as fashion. He isn't really good at any of this, but he's decent enough to be able to make stuff for others.  Main interest   Learning about different cultures and incorporating the said knowledge in the persona of WoL he feels he must play.

⸻ verses !

.   Warrior of Light / Darkness  .  He is the son of Sterrlona Merlwyn, the Warrior of Light - until Moenbryda's death. After that, he takes up the mantle of WoL, as well as her axe, and the events play out as in canon. His end here is already written: he dies at the end of EW, after the last battle.
All interactions are happening before the last stretch of EW questline.

.   Adventurer   .   He is a part of Scions of the Seventh Dawn because of his Echo - he has visions appear to him in his dreams, and he discerns their meaning with help of other Scions (and maybe even WoL). He works as a bouncer in a tavern (The Little Lamb). and is, overall, a very well-adjusted individual, unlike in any other verse

.   Ascian ( WIP ! )   .   In this timeline, his mother chose Moenbryda over him, and she decided to perish with her; he is crushed by the indication he meant less to her than a woman she met recently, and he turns to the one who was always by his side - Elidibus, the Emissary; and he takes upon his offer to join the Ascian's ranks.

.   happy end !  .  An optional WoL storyline - he survives the last battle of EW, broken and battered, and retires to live on his island. He joins his best friend, Rheya'a Azeris, on adventures in EW patches, but he doesn't seek them out intentionally, nor do the Scions call upon him. He survived by a miracle, and they do not dare ask more of him.

.   Ancient   .  Ever wandering, ever elusive Azem... Will you be the one to learn his name? Will he open up to you or will you keep leaving him and only then realising you were the only one who talked about yourself, while he only listened and nodded?

.   Elden Ring   .  Washed ashore after his decisive battle with Zenos, Sterrh was found by no one else but Radagon. He knows naught of the world he is in now, but he sees the gold speckles in the air and they seem to be leading him... somewhere further away from here.

⸻ playlist !


⸻ general !

.   the burdens we bear  .  You can see it in his eyes, he's haunted. Just like you.

.   peculiar aether  .  Everything gold for the golden boy; including his favourite drink. He doesn't see its color, but for someone who does, it'd be the same shade as his eyes or the whiskey he's swirling in his glass as you're looking at him. Don't worry, he's not mad - just curious.

.   botanist and explorer  .  Traveling far and wide to discover new species of flora that he may or may not be able to use in his crafts, he can be found in the most remote corners of Eitherys. What would happen if he meets someone of similar mind, who doesn't know of him?

.   Public Universal Friend  .  He's an extrovert and he naturally gravitates towards people he sees as interesting - if your muse is a quiet, introverted person, just smack them near him and make them do anything that can indicate, e.g., inner turmoil. He's gonna bend over backwards trying to get to the bottom of it.

.   unusual fighting style  .  A fighter who uses a weapon that transforms according to his will - what is at play here? Moreover, the weapons he has are an axe and a rapier - two completely different combat styles. How does one manage that... and why would they do such a thing?Fitting if your muse is a tinkerer (they can be the one who makes him the weapon), a combatant (they can spar and learn from each other), a researcher (understanding how this change takes place, as well as why), or just generally curious about things out of ordinary.

⸻ WoL-verse only !

.   Drink the Pain Away  .  (post-HW)
He lost the love of his life. He died in his arms. How is a man supposed to cope with that, but by alcoholism?
Find him drunk in taverns, drunk in shady streets fighting some assholes, drunk on official functions where he should be sober but he cannot be. Drunk breaking into your house because the light shone on something shiny and he just had to know what it was. Doing everything just to distract from the pain.

.   Not a Hero   .  (post-SB)
Dealing with trauma will leave a man with fucked up memories. Find him during the end of Dragonsong War or liberation of Ala Mhigo and Doma and watch him forget you as you speak to him.
How would one deal with realising that their hero and saviour simply... doesn't care? He's lost in his own world, going though the motions; and it only happens that the motions for him are saving the world.

.   Therapy.   .  (post-HW)
Ever wanted to play a therapist to a depressed cat? Here's your test subject.

⸻ Elden Ring !

.   Tarnished.   .  (timeline unknown)
Lost in the ways of this new world, he wanders. Will you be one of people he meets on his travels, while his memory is fraying at the edges? Will he remember you, or will you be lost in the vast void of doubts that eat at him, eroding his sense of self?